What is new with Google Cloud

Nov 9 to Nov 13, 2020

1)The Anthos Developer Sandbox: Anthos is a solution to all your requirements for hybrid and multi-cloud. With the help of Anthos, you not only will select how your apps will work or run but you will also get to know where runtimes are in Google Cloud or other Google Cloud Providers.

The Anthos Developer Sandbox providing the easiest way to learn how we can develop on Anthos. In a few minutes, you will get a developer overview of Anthos. Anthos Developer sandbox is free, for everyone who has a google account. For that, you do not need to be a Google Cloud Customer.

2)Database Migration Service now available in preview: DMS Provide high fidelity, minimum delay for MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads. It is designed for the cloud and it to be cloud native. Database Migration Service deploys log shipping so that we can replace data at low response time from the database (source) to destination.  It spouts the beginning snapshot of data and it constantly replicates new data as it reaches the source.

Source and destination are up to date because depending on the database which allows native replication. This technique increases the accuracy of data transfer with low latency. It means when we are ready to promote our database, point your application to Cloud SQL as a major database and low downtime.

 Nov 2 to 6 Nov 2020

1) Cloud SQL adds support for PostgreSQL 13: The performance improvement introduces PostgreSQL 13, it includes strengthening separate capabilities, increase index and vacuum efficiency and great intelligence. New updates

1)Incremental sorting

2)B-tree index


a) Faster Vacuum

b) Auto-vacuum

4)Monitoring Capabilities

With the help of Cloud SQL, we can get benefits from PostgreSQL 13 offers quickly and safely. With Automated Patchers and updates, maintenance controls, reduce risk correlated with upgrades.

2)Accelerating data migration with Transfer Appliances TA40 and TA300:

Transfer Appliance can securely migrate a huge volume of data to GCP (Google Cloud Platform) without shattering business operations.

Transfer Appliance storage device capacity is high, it enables us to transfer and secure your data to Google Upload, they upload our data to Cloud Storage. There are some features for 4.0 Firmware models, TA40 and TA300.

If we want to connect our devices Transfer Appliance is trusted and safe. Also, Transfer Appliance offers some Features

a) Tamper Resistant

b) Trusted Platform Module Chip

To make sure that your data is safe during and after Transit, there are the following feature of Transfer Appliance

a) AES 256 encryption

b) NIST 800-88 compliant data erasure

 Oct 26 to 30 Oct 2020

  1. B.H., Inc. accelerates digital transformation: BHI was a small construction company in Vernal, then they expanded their business (Operations) in no of Industries in 25 states. When the company started growing, technology dragged behind. Sharing Files and emails both working on a single server.  Editing document was tiring agreement it requires an employee to VPN, file downloading, editing, upload again doing all these things with limited net connection. Then they take on Google Workspace and modify their business to more profitable and modernization.

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