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Explore Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management capabilities

Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations

Create a connected factory to drive smarter processes and operations by IoT, AI, machine learning, and mixed reality Automate and improve resource management across any workload and track and manage your workforce, machines, and tools. Deliver mixed-mode manufacturing to support all your manufacturing strategies.

Automate & Modernize warehouse management

Gain end-to-end visibility of your warehouse operations and inventory. Automate and scale your warehouse management to optimize use of space, from stockrooms to distribution centers. Get real-time intelligence about the health of your warehouse. Improve productivity using a mobile app that can be tailored to employees and warehouses.

Optimize production performance

Increase uptime, throughput, and quality by proactively managing shop floor and equipment operations with a real-time view. Drive efficiency across your assets and processes by using AI Increase workforce efficiency and safety for performing maintenance on your business-critical assets

Increase the life of your assets

Improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your assets by performing predictive maintenance. Maximize the longevity of high-value assets by planning their predictive maintenance. Support various types of maintenance.

Automate and streamline your supply chain

Get a complete view of your supply chain across geographies and time zones. Streamline your procurement processes by using a single application for procure-to-pay. Improve cash flow by rightsizing inventory levels. Reduce downtime of critical assets by automating field service operations. Optimize fulfillment and reduce costs by synchronizing logistics across sites, warehouses, and transportation modes.

Flexible and transparent pricing

Save up to 10%
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management $ 1944 Per user/month
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