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Our Oracle
Cloud Advisory offerings

Digital modification is a chance for undertaking so that we can develop the new business prototype and update process infrequently situation changes.SA Technologies helps organizations to increase their remodeling connected digitally and initiate advantageous digital experience in all features of the business. With a collaboration of Technology and business, we introduce a retinue of company-based suspension so that we unlock your exponential possibility, consider this is the best practices. 

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Oracle Cloud Advisory service covers 2 areas 


Contract Analysis and optimization

we find the best deals for you and assist you so that you can take the full benefit of your investment.


Managed Services 

No need to take burden your IT and procurement people, improve your stake in oracle.

Oracle Advisory Services


Oracle Contract Analysis.

We sum up Cost, material, consignment and discuss cost deduction planning, conformity difficulty, and competitive agitation  


Oracle Compliance Assessment.

Oracle compliance is designed only for those users who can handle fully, combine the collection of management result construct to determine systems for Oracle compliance.


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