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Kubernetes applications

We offer industry-best containerized solutions with pre-developed deployment templates, easy licensing, featuring portability, and consolidated billing.


Pod and cluster autoscaling

Horizontal pod autoscaling contingent on CPU utilization or custom metrics, vertical pod autoscaling that analyzes and adjusts the CPU and memory usage of pods, and cluster autoscaling that works on a per-node-pool basis.


Workload and network security

GKE Sandbox offers a second layer of resistance between containerized workloads on GKE for optimized workload security. GKE clusters support Kubernetes Network Policy to filter traffic with pod-level firewall rules.


Integrated logging and monitoring

Initiate Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring with easy checkbox configurations, making it easy to intelligently understand how your application is performing.


Auto upgrade

Automatically keep your cluster updated with the latest release version of Kubernetes. Kubernetes release updates are available quickly within GKE.


Resource limits

Kubernetes lets you specify how much CPU and memory (RAM) each container requires, which is used for efficient organization of workloads within your cluster.

Benefits of Choosing Kubernetes

  • Faster initiation with single-click clusters.

  • Utilize a high-availability control plane with multi-zonal and regional clusters.

  • Delete operational overhead with auto-upgrade, auto-repair, and release channels.

  • Default security with risk-scanning of container images and data encryption

  • Infused Google Cloud Monitoring with the application, infrastructure, and Kubernetes-specific views.

Benefits of Choosing Kubernetes

Google Cloud has been a very good option for me as it is affordable, straightforward, and efficient to use. Opalforce has helped me every step of the way and I am looking forward to growing my business with GCP
supporting all of my IT needs.

Yaseer Mortage

— Durbanville, South Africa

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