Document AI platform, a unified console for document processing

If a company must take data from complicated documents and get benefits from the Google Cloud AI Platform. If we shift documents into structure data then it helps companies to make decisions rapidly, open business value noticeable and it will help to progress good customer experiences.

Doing this at this scale is not enough. That is why the google cloud platform helps businesses who use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to automatize the process and we are thrilled to declare a new Document AI platform, a unified console for document processing.

Document AI Platform will help us in different ways: –

Better Business Decisions: It Improves efficiency if we remove unstructured documents from structured data and we must make that available for users and business apps.

Use data to meet customer Expectations: Authority to meet user expectations, LTV (lifetime value) and espousal.

Make sure your data is Correct: Confirm all your documents to streamline compliance reduces work assumptions and keeps our data accurate.

With help of the new Document AI platform, you will get access to all tools and get solutions with centralizing API. Legalize end to end document solution from deployment to evaluation. It requires a simple design and customization of paperwork. Extracting data is easier these days because there are parsers on the platform which are built with google cloud and predefined taxonomy. General and Document parsers are accessible publicly. We can also request access for parsers like W9, 1040,1003 and more.

The Document AI Platform works in following steps:

If you want to know how the DocAI platform Works, the example of the main screen of all parsers, which is followed by two examples Invoice and W9. Firstly, we need to create a document processor.  we can use a general processor like a specific processor or Form Parser.

After creating processors, then we can view it in a unified dashboard. We can test our processor by self we just have to upload our document in the console directly. In the below example you will get to know that how the W9 parser exactly gets confidential information like email, signature, bank details, etc.

We can also try this with the processing of the procurement document. In the below image invoice parser able to takeout relevant data from the document.

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