Google Cloud V/s AWS

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform was launched in 2011 by Google.  It is a cloud computing platform that helps organizations to enlarge and succeed. We can also take benefits from Google infrastructure and present them with services like creative, protected, and adjustable.

What is AWS (amazon web Service)?

Amazon Web Service offers adjustable, steady, easy to use, and profitable. Amazon Web Service is a cloud computing platform which endeavors collections of Cloud services. It has a good storage capacity, database, analysis, and distribution options which is offered to developers.

Why AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a huge cloud platform, which is around millions of customers and its revenue is in billion every year. Amazon Web service Cloud drive to grow at a fixed pace.

AWS is the best cloud service providers. A lot of companies shift their business to AWS cloud and giving them benefits.

Important benefits of Selecting AWS Services:

  • It is an affordable service, and it allows us to pay what we are using, and without any commitments.
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps us to improve the capacity of the app development team
  • Adaptability is one of the best reasons to select AWS on top of other cloud services.
  • Because of its performance cloud computing is approachable between developers and Industries.

Why Google Cloud?

Google is different from other cloud providers.

Important benefits of Selecting Google Cloud Services:

  • Google Cloud Platform is giving better pricing than Aws and Azure.
  • Users can collaborate and meanwhile we are able to access the project’s data is stored in clouds on behalf of computers.
  • Private GFN (Global Fiber Network)
  • Operator can Work from Anywhere

Major Difference Between Google Cloud and AWS

ParametersAWSGoogle Cloud
Age11 Years6 Years
RatePer hour basisPer Minute basis
File Storage (data)Amazon EFSCloud File store
Volume Size500GB – 16TB1 GB – 164TB
VM Disk StorageAmazon Elastic Book StorageDisk HDD and SSD

Market Share: Google Cloud V/S AWS

Quarter 2, As per new figures (Canlas event 2020) AWS has revenue of $10.8 billion and a market share of 31% as compared to Microsoft Azure comes in the second position with a market share of around 20% and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is in the Third Position with 6% of the share. AWS is leading than its four competitors.

In 2006 Amazon Web Service (AWS) launched its cloud platform. In 2008 Google launched its Google app engine but till 2020 it did not enter Iaas Market. For four decades it is in Cloud Computing.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) revenue grows by 29% in 2020 if we compare from last year (Q2), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) increase by 43% and Azure revenue increase by 47%.

Disadvantages of Google Cloud

  • For Startup companies, difficult to start
  • Fewer features as compare to AWS

Disadvantages of AWS

  • The deployment process of AWS is very difficult and lengthy it can take around 15-20 min for a website
  • It is very difficult to launch multiple websites at a time in AWS

How to select which Cloud Platform is Good for our Organization:
Before selecting which platform is good for you, we need to understand our (organization) requirement and how much we can pay them. There is no doubt that both Google Cloud and AWS are good platforms. Good Cloud service provider helps us to achieve our business goals.

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