Electric Motor Inspection Application

Get airtight audit process of your electric motors with our Motor Inspection Application.

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Upgrade your Electric Motor Inspection Process

SA Technologies Motor Inspection Application relieves you from the burden of paper forms and periodically improves your motor inspection quality. SAT Motor Inspection Application is a cloud-based convenient tool that allows detail audit of an electric motor, so the owner can maintain the worthiness of their motor through regular inspections from anywhere and at any time. It promote the safety of handler by clearly identifying electric motor issues by taking immediate action and remind about motor inspection with the aid of scheduled notifications anywhere online or offline on any device.

Simplify your Inspection Process

SA Technologies Electric Motor Inspection Application makes the inspections process easy by eliminating the manual process. Service Technicians, Operators, and Customers can use a cloud-based web or mobile application to inspect any equipment effectively. Inspections can be performed anywhere online or offline on any mobile device and in any language of choice.

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SAT Cloud-based cost-effective platform enables you to

Save Time

Perform inspections and Capture inspection images results on any device without any manual paperwork. Electronic inspection forms are accessible with suitable formats anytime, anywhere.

Fully customizable

Generate and Present inspection report online and offline. You can Add/Edit inspection report any time.

Real-Time Visibility

Get real-time updates with powerful analytics, which help you to resolve the issue before they get out of hand. Our applications drive efficiency and maximize uptime with an end-to-end issue management system.

Transparent Process

Gain accurate Insight alerts with a graphical projection of the inspection which provides a transparent process. It helps you to track asset reliability and durability.

SAT Motor Inspection Application Minimize your Product Downtime

Electric motors are the backbone of modern industries & they have a massive impact on the company’s profitability and productivity. Electric motors use 70 % of the electricity consumed by industry and therefore deserve special attention and regular inspection to avoid failure and prolong their lifespan. Periodic inspections of motors are necessary to decrease unexpected downtime by uncovering small issues before they become large and expensive problems. Insights from analyzing the inspection data will help to keep the products operating at peak efficiency and improve the quality of the products.

SAT Motor Inspection Application improves your productivity

How SAT Motor Inspection Application improves your productivity

Eliminate paperwork - Avoid Manual paper process during an inspection and use electronic form on your device. No more paper checklists that can get lost or damaged. Instantly capture the information you need and generate reports that you can easily share.

Quickly resolve the issue - Our application gets you an immediate periodic inspection of your electric motor and give you a quick alert regarding the issues.

Complete Insight about issue - SAT Electric Motor App gives you accurate real-time insight about the issue with the graphical projection. It helps you to track issue properly and decrease your future maintenance cost.

Never Miss another inspection - SAT Motor Inspection App schedule feature remind & alert you about an inspection to be conducted. You’ll be able to see the date and time of future inspections and check which scheduled inspections may have been missed with notification.