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Build your customized AI virtual assistants for your websites, Facebook pages, and messaging apps.  

chatbot, Facebook pages, and messaging apps

AI powered chatbot modernize your conversation

SA Technologies chatbot service eliminates complexity & enables you to build intelligent, enterprise-grade bots. Build a simple Q&A bot or sophisticated virtual assistant for your website or messaging app. SAT chatbot is based on Microsoft Bot Framework.

SAT cloud based chatbot Increase sales, reduce costs, and automate your customer support

Our AI Chatbots generate conversations and keep user engage across all sectors by the fast response. SA Technologies helps to improve customer service accuracy and reduces response time. Intelligent chatbot explores your business with an easy process & grow your customer journey from the first conversation to retargeting.

How SAT Chatbot helps you


Faster response rate

SAT intelligent Chatbot make your customers feel more important by responding them fast .


Generate Leads Smartly

Our AI chatbot make personalized experiences with customers and convert leads by reducing cost per lead.


Easy integration

Easy integration feature with CRM to fetch real-time information of customers and provide unmanned support for their queries.


Dedicated Customer Support

SA Technologies can handle all type of customer queries and dedicatedly support customers 24X7 .



Easily build your Chatbot

Quickly create machine learning-based enterprise-ready custom models that continuously improve& fully customize according to your business needs. 

AI-powered Voicebot

Engage your user with AI-powered Voicebot

Get a smoother experience, as our bot can hear & identify individual speaker, translate audio into text format and reply to customers in natural language with a branded voice.

Automate your website with face recognition

Automate your website with
face recognition

Real-time face recognition automates your chatbot process. Explore your chatbot with computer vision services like moderate content and video

    Increased your customer engagement with rapid answers

Increased your customer engagement
with rapid answers

Let the chatbot do answer basic questions like “How may I help you today?” and “When would you like to schedule a Meeting? A chatbot can maintain conversations and keep customers on your website for longer.

Intelligent Tools to automate chatbot 

Office 365, Cloud
Office 365, Cloud
Office 365, Cloud
Office 365, Cloud
Visual Studio Code 
Microsoft Bot Framework (Base Framework) 
Microsoft QNA   
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Intelligent Tools used to automate chatbot

Connect your tools with Microsoft Q&A, Dialog Flow and all the major Question and Answer flows with one-click integration.  

Integrated with Microsoft Q&A for better question and options handling.