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HOPİ reinvents shopping experience through data management on the cloud

About HOPi

The Turkish shopping app HOPİ was launched in 2015 with the motto “a new way of shopping. Hopi is the leading mobile shopping companion in Turkish retail sector. Pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence to help businesses better understand and reach their customers, Hopi creates a highly personalized shopping experience for millions of users.


Mobile is driving the future of shopping, creating revolutionary opportunities for businesses such as ours. Turkey has one of the highest mobile shopper ratios in the world, with 53% of online purchases taking place on mobile phones. This number is set to grow exponentially as more data becomes available from mobile shopping, and only the companies equipped with the tools to understand and act on this data will succeed.

Challenges faced by HOPi

Uniting the customer experience that the parent company Boyner Group accumulated throughout the years, with the latest mobile technology and creating a successful loyalty platform, today HOPİ enjoys a user base of 6 million users (as of May 2018). HOPİ recognizes when the user enters a shopping center. The app uses the Beacon technology to understand how much time users spend in which stores or departments and the transactions they perform while shopping. As an affiliate of the Boyner Group, HOPİ has partnered with PoiLabs for data processing. PoiLabs is hosting its Beacon technology infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

HOPİ wanted to better understand its customers’ needs and be able to inform them about the right sales campaigns at the right location. “Providing HOPİ with real-time information and end-of-day reports like ‘how much time a user spends in which department’ once they enter a Boyner store or a member store is important for effective operations. And ensuring the right signal from the right location and from the right beacon is crucial.” says PoiLabs Business Development Manager Ersin Güray.

How Azure helped HOPi?

Processing the sudden increases in data requires a scalable system
At the beginning of the project PoiLabs used a dedicated server .However, due to the need for higher capacities with the ever-increasing number of users, Güray emphasizes their reasons for choosing Microsoft Azure as their platform: “The distribution of the data varies largely throughout the day. For example, generally we see peak times around noontime on weekends, on the other hand, but the peaktimes on weekdays tend to be around 5 to 6 p.m. To be able to manage such a volume, we had to design our system according to these peak hours. This gradually came to mean additional costs. In fact, this is how we discovered what Azure has to offer. Furthermore, being able to instantly respond to the changing needs, its robustness and its capacity that allows us to manage different servers together to meet our needs were the major factors that influenced our choice.”

“We don’t experience any concerns even when the volume of the data increases by two, three, even ten-fold on the same day or in the same hour.” says HOPİ IT Director Murat Taşbaş. “As an IT manager, it surely puts a smile on my face knowing the platform running in the background is capable of managing all the data, which gives us the peace of mind we want. Thanks to Microsoft Azure’s performance, at HOPİ, we enjoy the ability to accelerate and improve the service we provide to our customers.“

“Azure meets all demands even if data increases”, says Ergin Aktaş, Senior Software Development Manager at PoiLabs, despite the continuous increase in the volume of the data—which is a natural part of the app—they mention that they are confident of Azure’s performance, and adds: “Regardless of the scale of the data increase, Azure’s scalable structure allows us to quickly scale the system both horizontally and vertically to meet the demand.”

Regardless of the data increase, Azure’s scalable structure allows us to quickly scale our system to meet the signal volume demand. - Ergin Aktaş: Senior Software Development Manager PoiLabs

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